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You reach out to a solar panel installer near you who proposes global brands and jibber-jabber range of products in them.

How do you choose ?

Or worst you have this itch , a vague coherance that your home based solar inverter must be capable to reduce the running cost of smart heat pump , electric vehicle and export energy to earn you maximum money.

Dont ask the installer for information of other products in which he does not deal with.

PathtoGreenHomes enables a home owner in less than 300 tabulated words to compare between 1000s of solar panels and inverters , like you would compare cars. Our choice of features is so crip and complete that you dont need to consult any other source.

How do Made in USA Tesla , Sunpower or Fist Solar compare to giant Chinese brands like Longi , Jinko , JA ? Within the same company you have "Energy Leaders" , "Value purchases" , "cheap" and even " Discounted and Outdated" products.

Choice of inverter is 5 time more complex than the solar panel. With an inverter life of 10 years ( without extended warraty) we found there less than 20% inverters which check all future trends.

Looking for Hybrid inverters which can connect to batteries ? or AC Coupled inverter ( e.g Powerball) which work without panels but energy arbitrage ? We go you covered. . Read basics in highly opinionated "Opinion" section.

The best for the last , using propritory algorithm we can connect you to the nearest installer (match by zip code).
These installer you will receive your choice of solar panel and inverters. Note: We dont supply you equipment we just help you compare and connect to nearest solar installer.

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