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Back sheet for solar panel

Demand the following high quality back sheets with your solar panel, they come at no extra cost…

The No. 1 reason for failure in solar panels is the Solar Back sheet. With high profile bankruptcies of many solar panel manufacturers there will be no body to service your out of warranty panels, like back sheet failure. Hence the home owner must take quality seriously in their own hands. 

If you turn the panel backside, blue down, then the white plastic type protection you see is the back sheet.

solar panel back sheet
Solar Backsheet – The no. 1 reason for panel failure

Here is our recommendation of the best quality back sheet which are IEC certified by major solar panel manufacturers.

Back Sheet Brand Acceptable outer Layer CommentsInstaller near you
Renewsysacceptable PVF / PVDF outer layerno other acceptable outer layerSend Enquiry
Taiflex  acceptable PVF = Dupont tedlar outer layer not acceptable coated layer (FPE / FPf) outer layerSend Enquiry
Cybrid acceptable PVDF =Flour film oouter layernot acceptable coated layer  outer layerSend Enquiry
GlassAll okay  all okaySend Enquiry
Coveme acceptable PPE outer layernot acceptable single layer of PET mono outer layerSend Enquiry
Jollywood acceptable PVDF =Flour film outer layernot acceptable coated layer outer layerSend Enquiry

The best quality solar panel is not necessarily the world’s largest manufacturer or the one with the maximum wattage. Your choice for the best solar panel should depend on the best bill of material.

It’s even acceptable to switch to a solar panel brand which is able to offer you a better quality back sheet and high quality bill of material.   

Here is what the inside of the solar panel looks like….. 

solar panel quality
Inside a Solar Panel

The role of a solar back sheet is mechanical protection. In technical language, solar Back sheet protects solar cells from external mechanical loads and stresses induced by differences in thermal expansion coefficients. 

Path to Green Homes recommends Home Owner who is ordering solar panel, to specify back sheet brand and back sheet type. Certain back sheets like basic low end modified PET material, are accepted in some regions where mild climates make it possible to use a toned down back sheet. However for hot , tropical countries and places experiencing climate change read below………

Ask installer to supply solar panel which is using any of the following back sheets 

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