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Can I blindly use any Solar Inverter with any Solar Panel…

Is it so easy to connect any solar inverter with any solar panel or is there a catch.

Let’s start with Warning !! High power wattage solar panels and common solar inverters are not necessarily compatible

More and more solar panel manufacturers are trying to woo us by record breaking boiler plate rating of 550Wp, 600Wp and above. We are living in an era of high wattage of individual solar panels.   

Please pause, take a breath and read carefully this article from Path to Green Homes.
What they are not telling us is as panel wattage increases, solar panel current increases.

can i use any inverter with solar panel
Mismatch at Knee area between current which a solar panel can deliver and what solar inverter can accept  

A closer look at the specification sheet of these high wattage solar panels suggests that solar panel current is very high.

In the table below are examples of solar panels which have high currents (>15A). These solar panels are not recommended !!! until the compatible inverter is available.

BrandSeries CurrentInstaller near you
Trina Vertex  (585-670)Wp 17.55A Send Enquiry
Trina Vertex  Bifacial  (580-665)Wp 17.39A Send Enquiry
Chint Astro 6 Semi   (650-665)Wp17.50ASend Enquiry
Risen TITAN  (645-670)Wp 17.42A Send Enquiry
Suntech Ultra X  (580-670)Wp 17.43A Send Enquiry
Canadian HiKu7  (580-670)Wp 17.32A Send Enquiry
Vikram Somera 12  (635-665)Wp 17.55A Send Enquiry
Vikram Prexos 12  Bifacial  (635-660)Wp17.85 Send Enquiry
Waaree Ahnay  Bifacial  (580-665)Wp 17.46A Send Enquiry
Adani Elan Pride  Bifacial  (590-650)Wp17.44A Send Enquiry
Warning !!! Solar panels with very high current

Unless matching inverters are found , solar panel current should be ideally less than 15A for two reasons. Firstly, high current leads to over-heating (hot spots) in panels and secondly, inverters which accept such high input current are not so easily available.  

Path to Green Homes recommends the following series of solar inverters for the best current compatibility .  

Brand SeriesCurrent handling capability (more is better)Installer near you
GRIDSend Enquiry
Enphase3Φ/1Φ (0.24-0.64)kW – IQ8 15A current capabilitySend Enquiry
SolarEdge3Φ (9-17)kW  120/208V US 24A current capabilitySend Enquiry
KACO3Φ (3-29)kW  Blueplanet 20A current capabilitySend Enquiry
Fimer1Φ (1-6)kW  UNO PLUS 20A current capabilitySend Enquiry
Kostal3Φ (10-30)kW  PIKO   20A current capabilitySend Enquiry
SMA 3Φ (12-30)kW  SUNNY TRIPOWER US 16.5 current capabilitySend Enquiry
Delta1Φ (4-10)kW  M Series US20A current capabilitySend Enquiry
Sungrow3Φ (28-30)kW  SGCX   19.5A current capabilitySend Enquiry
HYBRIDSend Enquiry
Enphase3Φ/1Φ  (0.19-0.36)kW – IQ7    15A current capabilitySend Enquiry
SolarEdge 1Φ (3-10)kW  Energy Hub 27.5A current capabilitySend Enquiry
KACO3Φ  10kW  Blueplanet Hybrid  12A current capabilitySend Enquiry
Fimer1Φ (3-6)kW  UNO PLUS US   20A current capabilitySend Enquiry
Kostal3Φ (3-10)kW  PLENTICORE Plus    13.5A current capabilitySend Enquiry
E3/DC 3Φ 12kW  S10 X   13.5A current capabilitySend Enquiry
Neoom3Φ (6-10)kW  KJUUBE LIGHT12.5A current capabilitySend Enquiry
Generac1Φ 8kW  PWRcell   15A current capabilitySend Enquiry
Sungrow1Φ (3-6)kW  SH-RS 16A current capabilitySend Enquiry
Many Latest Solar inverter models which are in tune with market and have high current acceptance .

Popular brands of inverters have many models which have not been able to catch up with solar panel current .The inverter input current capability is much less than solar panels.   

Here is a list of inverters with low Input current capability….These inverter models could be avoided when panel current is high

Brand Series CommentsInstaller near you
Enphase 3Φ/1Φ (0.19-0.36)kW  IQ710A onlySend Enquiry
KACO 1Φ (2-3)kW  SG-S  10A onlySend Enquiry
Fimer 3Φ (10-30)kW  PVS  8A onlySend Enquiry
SolarEdge 3Φ (3-30)kW 5A onlySend Enquiry
Delta 1Φ (3-28)kW  SOLIVIA US 7.2A onlySend Enquiry
SMA 1Φ (1-6)kW  SUNNY BOY 9A onlySend Enquiry
GoodWe 1Φ (3-5)kW  EM  11A onlySend Enquiry
Solis 1Φ ( 2-10)kW  4G   10A onlySend Enquiry
Fronius 3Φ (25-27)kW  ECO   7.3A onlySend Enquiry
Sungrow 1Φ (3-5)kW  SG  10A onlySend Enquiry
Warning !! Almost outdated Solar inverter models which have low current input compatibility

Such difference between current capability of “solar inverter” and “solar panel” leads to loss in power as high as 30%  !!!  

Note: Click on SUGGEST in PathToGreenhomes.com and apply FILTERS to get more recommended models. Use ☑ [Get Quote] to send your “Selected Models” to your nearest installer to receive a competitive quote !!  

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