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Cheaply operate a smart grid ready heat pump on these specific solar inverters or lose money

Operate SG (Smart Grid Ready) Heat Pumps at lowest running cost, in combination with below compatible inverters  

Heat Pumps work on the principal of a heat exchange for space and water heating or cooling. With high solar penetration, heat pumps ( not all ) have become intelligent and adapted as Smart Grid (SG) Ready. These heat pumps are intelligent because they can be switched on and off to heat water, by sensing when solar energy is in excess, a key requirement for lowest running cost.  

can you run a heat pump on solar
Fronius inverter with relay for heat exchanger at fronius.com 

Solar energy being the cheapest source of energy the focus of home owner is on maximizing Self Consumption for household and not sending excess solar to the grid. Using  cheap solar power, Heat Pump is usually the least priority load, switched after 11am, after solar charges the home based battery.  

Here is the list of Solar inverter Equipment which  can work with heat pumps using compatible relay offered by the same brand. 

Brand  Series  Heat Pump compatible with solar inverter Installer near you
Tesla1Φ (4-8)kW  Tesla   Yes Send Enquiry
Tesla1Φ (5-8)kW  Powerwall Yes Send Enquiry
Sungrow 3Φ (5-20)kW  SG-RT Yes Send Enquiry
Sungrow 3Φ (5-10)kW  SH-RT  Yes Send Enquiry
SMA  1Φ (3-8)kW  SUNNY BOY US Yes Send Enquiry
KACO  3Φ (3-29)kW  Blueplanet Yes Send Enquiry
KACO  3Φ  10kW  Blueplanet Hybrid  Yes Send Enquiry
Huawei 3Φ (3-20)kW  SUN2000-M0 Yes Send Enquiry
Huawei 3Φ (3-10)kW  SUN2000-M1Yes Send Enquiry
Enphase 3Φ/1Φ (0.24-0.64)kW – IQ8 Yes Send Enquiry
Enphase 3Φ/1Φ  (0.19-0.36)kW – IQ7 Yes Send Enquiry
Fimer 3Φ (6-30)kW  TRIO  Yes Send Enquiry
Fimer 3Φ (4-9)kW  Power TRIO Yes Send Enquiry
Kostal 3Φ (3-10)kW  PIKO IQ   Yes Send Enquiry
Kostal3Φ (3-10)kW  PLENTICORE Plus  Yes Send Enquiry
Neoom 3Φ (6-10)kW  KJUUBE LIGHT   Yes Send Enquiry
Neoom 3Φ (6-10)kW  KJUUBE   Yes Send Enquiry
E3/DC 3Φ 12kW  S10 E Yes Send Enquiry
E3/DC 3Φ (4-14)kW  Quattroporte   Yes Send Enquiry

There are other relatively “easy solutions” for controlling Heat pumps, like the $10 timers. Solar energy heats water in a fixed time window, predetermined by the home owner using a manual timer . But since timer solution is manual, it’s not intelligent or PV optimised. It will miss dynamic weather and live household load conditions.  

This is why Path to Green Homes recommends the above solar inverter models where heat pumps can be optimized through Wired Relays connected to the solar inverter. There are also inverter models where heat pumps can be controlled wire less. , read here (#wirefree).  

Path to Green Homes has researched that many solar inverters have provision for 4 relays which means that the solar inverter can manage three more such equipment, in addition to a heat pump.  These could be an electric car , washing machine , energy storage or other household hold

Path to Green Energy recommends “single brand” solution for Heat Pump control consisting of solar inverter and relay for the best compatibility. This single solution will ensure Maximum self- consumption of solar power by prioritizing loads in this order :  

1. Electric Vehicle 2. Household loads  3. Battery storage  4. Heat pump  5. If there is excess solar energy then feed to the grid.  

Note: Click on SUGGEST in PathToGreenhomes.com and apply FILTERS to get more recommended models. Use ☑ [Get Quote] to send your “Selected Models” to your nearest installer to receive a competitive quote !!  

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