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Avoid ugly cables to your smart appliances like Heat Pump & EV. Go wireless

Avoid ugly communication wires running in your beautiful house by connecting solar system to home loads Wirelessly, using these models….   

To avoid messy and ugly cable runs, some clever inverter manufacturers are able to connect household loads through a local area network (Home WiFi) which reduces the complexity of system wiring. Hence Wireless connection is more beautiful, it will reduce the complexity of cable routing but effort for initial configuration increases.    

How to make smart home solar wireless
SolarEdge ZIGBEE connection which is Wirefree between inverter and household loads 

PathToGreenHomes recommends choosing from below brands which can communicate with multiple household loads, either by a relay or wirelessly communication for a wireless, hassle free, beautiful home. 

Brand  Series Model  Installer near you
SMA  1Φ (1-6)kW  SUNNY BOY 1.5kW  SB 1.5  Send Enquiry
SMA 1Φ (1-6)kW  SUNNY BOY 5.0KW  SB 5.0  Send Enquiry
SolarEdge1Φ (2-6)kW  HD – Wave 6kW-SE6000H Send Enquiry
SolarEdge1Φ (2-6)kW  HD – Wave 5kW-SE5000H Send Enquiry
Enphase  3Φ/1Φ (0.24-0.64)kW – IQ8   0.36kW  A-72-2-US Send Enquiry
Enphase  3Φ/1Φ (0.19-0.36)kW  IQ7  0.29kW  IQ7PLUS-72-2  Send Enquiry
LG 3Φ (5-10)kW  LG ESS Home 5kW  D005KD1N111 Send Enquiry
LG3Φ (5-10)kW  LG ESS Home 8kW  D008KE1N211   Send Enquiry
Tesla 1Φ (4-8)kW  Tesla   3.8kW  Send Enquiry
Tesla 1Φ (4-8)kW  Tesla   7.6kW  Send Enquiry
E3/DC 3Φ 12kW  S10 E   12kW  S10 E 6.5   Send Enquiry
E3/DC 3Φ 12kW  S10 X   12kW  S10 X 18 Send Enquiry

The role of traditional solar inverters is becoming monolithic because they lack intelligence to communicate with household devices. A good quality “traditional” solar inverter converts solar energy to household energy with checks and balances (like Safety, overvoltage, overcurrent etc.). But traditional inverters cannot communicate with modern loads like EV, heat pump and washing machine. Such communication of solar inverter – household load is not “preferred” but “must have”.

A smarter solar inverter can manage household loads to give priority for solar consumption. This arrangement of priority of home loads is important for determining the order of Self-Consumption.  

Priority 1 : Solar energy to EV  

Priority 2 : Solar energy to Household Loads 

Priority 3 : Solar Energy   to charge Battery  

Priority 4 : Solar Energy to Heat Pump, Washing    Machine

Communication between solar inverter and household loads usually happens through wired relays. The wired relays can have short cable lengths, if the inverter and load are next to each other e.g. inverter placed next to heat pump. But communication cable runs can be long like from inverter to EV car charger. This wiring can be ugly and messy.  

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