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Solar panel efficiency increase by an invisible anti glare or Anti-Reflecting coating on top of the solar glass…  

Specify the following invisible Anti-Reflecting Coating brands, on top of solar glass, which comes at no extra cost to Supplier….  

The No. 2 hidden problem of power loss, e.g. pay for 600Wp panel but deliver 550Wp panel , in solar panels is the environmental erosion of the invisible anti reflective coating (ARC) on top of solar glass.   

anti glare coating on solar panel
Cost of a good anti reflective coatings is minuscule but has a ~$2000 lifetime energy impact by value for a 5kW solar system 

With high profile bankruptcies of many solar panel manufacturers there will be no body to service your out of warranty panels, like an anti-reflective coating failure. Hence, the home owner must take quality seriously in their own hands. 

Remember , the best quality solar panel is not necessarily the world’s largest manufacturer or the one with the maximum wattage. 

Your choice for the best solar panel should depend on the best bill of material. It’s acceptable to switch to a solar panel brand which is able to offer you a better quality anti reflective coating (and back sheet) as part of high quality bill of material.   

Here is what the inside of the solar panel looks like….. 

solar panel materials

The anti-reflective coating is applied at the front of solar glass before glass tempering at glass manufacturing stage. It happens at a high temperature which is why coating cannot be applied later at your home. It will not stick to the glass properly. Good quality anti-reflective coating can contribute 3% to a 600Wp panel wattage which is 18Wp or $ 2000 gain over lifetime for a standard size home installation.  

solar panel anti glare
 The one with anti-reflective coating ( right ) absorbs more light , increasing solar panel wattage. 

If you live in an area with atmospheric soil, like the Middle east or a polluted city you must ask for Anti Soiling Coating on top of solar panel glass. Such solar panels will have delay in delivery time , to account for customization on the glass surface by Anti Soiling Coating. But using such anti soiling coating will require half water usage for cleaning the panels due to unique “slippery ” property of the glass surface.   

solar panel soiling
Anti-Soiling coating performance 

Don’t accept In House glass coatings, defined as, coatings which are manufactured and supplied to themselves by giant glass manufacturers. Historically Top 5 giant solar glass manufacturers are monopolistic . While they made decent solar glass , they have a poor record with In house coating quality they self produced.  

Specify your installer anti reflective (or soiling) coating formulator as below, with any solar panel brand they supply to you.  

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