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Solar panel environmental effect

The most eco-friendly solar panels are the ones which are lead free and recyclable

Most solar panels contain a minimal amount of lead (in ribbon, cross connectors, soldering wire, junction box, cell metallization). Many brands have introduced a eco-friendly series in which they have removed lead required in the soldering process. 

solar panel environmental effect

Lead content is reduced by 90%. In terms of weight, lead free modules have only ~0.009% of lead in each module vs ~0.09% in typical modules with lead. . 

For recycle the below brands are part of globally accepted recycle programmes like PVCYCLE.  

solar panel recycling
BrandSeriesReason Installer near you
RECAlpha Pure  (385-410)Wp Lead Free Send Enquiry
RECAlpha  (360-450)WpLead Free Send Enquiry
SunpowerA  Series  Commercial  (430-450)Wp   Lead Free Send Enquiry
SunpowerM Series  Commercial  (450-475)Wp Lead Free Send Enquiry

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