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Solar Panel which are strong , durable and have the best wind rating….

Mechanically strong panels are needed in coastal areas with high wind. Not all panels are manufactured to be equally mechanically strong and durable.  If your priority is mechanically strong and durable quality for solar panels then the following brands are the best for you

Brand SeriesWind Speed  (Pascal) Installer near you
LGNeON H  (370-390)Wp4000Send Enquiry
LGNeON R   (370-435)Wp4000Send Enquiry
Tesla Tesla  (420-430)Wp 1600Send Enquiry
SunpowerX Series  Residential  (335-370)Wp 3000Send Enquiry
SunpowerA Series  Residential  (390-420)Wp6000Send Enquiry
Hanwha / Q cells Q.PEAK DUO-G6  (340-355)Wp4000Send Enquiry
Hanwha / Q cells Q.PEAK DUO-G8  (340-360)Wp 4000Send Enquiry
RECAlpha Pure  (385-410)Wp 4000Send Enquiry
RECN Peak Black  (360-370)Wp4000Send Enquiry
SuntechUltra S   (365-460)Wp3800Send Enquiry
SuntechUltra V mini   (390-410)Wp 3800Send Enquiry
TrinaVertex S   (390-405)Wp 4000Send Enquiry
Canadian HiKu   (370-465)Wp 3600Send Enquiry
Canadian BiHiKu  Bifacial  (450-545)Wp 3600Send Enquiry

Due to intense price competition and to cater to a broader audience, most manufacturers have reduce the thickness of aluminium frame and glass. Around 10 years back it was common to have a frame with 40mm thickness and 3, 2-4mm glass thinness. While the world seems to be getting into severe climate shocks, solar panels manufacturers beg to differ.  

They have reduced thickness frame to 30-35mm and 2, 5mm glass .    

solar panel wind rating
Solar Panels are tested to High Wind Pressure  

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