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Solar panels with Micro inverters….   

Below are the best module level integrated electronics micro inverters or DC Optimizers.

If you can pay extra , then Solar Panel combined with a (micro) inverter or optimizer is the most effective for performance and monitoring. Many EPC companies are scared to offer such a solution which diagnoses issues with the individual solar panel (or system ) and increase the work of EPC companies. The better EPCs companies see this technology as a good AMC opportunity.

A number of electronic devices for module level maximum power point tracking (MPPT) have appeared in the market or are under development. The main objective of these devices is to maximize energy harvest under non-ideal conditions, such as with partial shading, soiling, non-uniform orientation of modules, differential temperature, and module mismatch. Such devices can be grouped into two broad categories from the working principle: 


 Path to Green Energy recommends the following brands for module level integrated electronics micro inverters or DC Optimizers.   

Brand  Series  CommentsInstaller near you
SunPowerMaxeon 5 Panel + Micro inverter Send Enquiry
SunPower  Maxeon 7  Panel + Micro inverter  Send Enquiry
Solar Edge1Φ (1-2)kW  Power Optimizer DC Optimizer  Send Enquiry
Solar Edge 1Φ (2-6)kW  HD – Wave   DC Optimizer  Send Enquiry
Enphase  3Φ/1Φ (0.19-0.36)kW  IQ7Micro inverter  Send Enquiry
Enphase  3Φ/1Φ (0.24-0.64)kW – IQ8  Micro inverter  Send Enquiry

DC Power Optimizers – Devices that optimize the DC power output of a module in order to optimize the output of the string. The system still needs a DC to AC inverter on string level before the power can be fed to the grid. 

Enphase micro inverter

Tigo DC – DC optimizer needs an external inverter with mandatory rapid shutdown ( USA) 

Microinverters –devices that track the maximum power of each solar panel (MPPT) and converts the solar power (DC) to household power (AC) at module level. 

Sunpower panels with micro inverters
SunPower Maxeon 5,7 solar panels integrated with micro inverters 

Other features to various extents have been implemented in these devices, such as performance monitoring on module level, remote shut-off, fire detection, active diodes, theft deterrence, and hot spot protecting functions. 

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