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Types of solar inverters….. 

Grid type inverter connects with solar panels. It has not energy storage capability which means they would not work when there is power failure.    

How does solar panel work

Grid Tied inverter can have household self consumption of solar power for 30%-40% of the total power needs

For residential inverters , grid tied inverters come in both 1 phase and 3 phase with rating ranging from 0,7kW-20KW , depending on the house load. Grid tied inverters are going through massive technology upgrades ( read our blog Smart Home) which can make make most of the current grid tied inverter models obsolete in 2-4 years.

Hybrid solar inverters can connect to both , solar panels and energy storage battery. They can work in case of power failure. Hybrid inverters are preferred over old technology , low priced “off grid inverters” because they are capable to combine the power of solar & storage – to create a home micro grid. Off Grid inverters can only work on either solar or storage.

How does hybrid solar system work

With race to sell hybrid inverters , many manufacturers unreasonably expect distinct wiring of household loads between Main Loads (aircon , motor , EV) and Backup loads ( lights , fans , essentials) . Houses are not wired this way. To fully use the power of solar requires load management via smart home and our blog wireless is the key for any household.

Hybrid Storage inverter can have household self consumption of solar power for 75%-85% of the total power needs

With energy bills hitting the roof, any home owner will want to maximize self consumption of solar power, even at night. Using Hybrid inverters you can gradually reduce your bills from 50% to 80%. The working logic is

PV ( Solar energy ) Supply priority

Supply energy to household Loads —–> Excess to charge Home Battery — > Export to Grid

Load Consumption Priority

1st consume cheapest solar power — > If not enough solar then consume from battery —–> If no battery then consume from Utility

Hybrid inverters are going through a massive transformation requiring your to choose proper equipment, for which we suggest you go through our blog section in Smart Home. By purchasing “grid forming” inverters you will go beyond self consumption or net metering to become a grid company along with 1000s of others.

AC Coupled inverter models , also called Retrofit , are popular in countries where the home owner requires, only an intelligent energy storage system maximizing self consumption of solar power and time of use of day. Such capacity extension inverters cannot connect physically with solar panels but may work with an existing grid tied inverter. Look out for compatibility with existing grid tied inverter to avoid disappointment later.

What is ac coupled solar

AC Coupled inverters can synchronize with an existing Grid tied inverter. AC Coupled inverters may work independently of Grid tied inverter.

In Summary,

  • Storage Tower is also known as AC Coupled / Retrofit / Capacity extension
  • Storage Tower can work both with and without, an existing Grid Tied inverter. But not  all grid type models can be used with all Storage Tower / AC coupled for forming a micro grid   
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