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What appliances can work on solar power

High quality solar inverters can be overloaded for a short period of time before they run at rated power. Feature of Overloading avoids tripping of inverter and shut down. Household loads like air conditioner , heat pumps , motors when switched on , gorge power till 30-60 seconds during which the solar inverter may trip , unless higher inverter is purchased.  

Based on PathtoGreenHomes evaluation the following models, allow good overloading  for the home owner….. 

Brand Model Backup Overload (kW) Installer near you
Grid type inverterSend Enquiry
Delta 3.8kW  M4-TL-US 4kW Send Enquiry
Delta 30kW  M30A Flex  33kW Send Enquiry
Sungrow 5kW  SG5KTL-MT 5.5kW Send Enquiry
Sungrow 6kW  SG6KTL-MT 6.6kW Send Enquiry
Hybrid type inverterSend Enquiry
SolarEdge 3.8kW  SE3800A-US 4.2kW Send Enquiry
Delta 5kW  E6-TL-US  5kW/ 30Sec.  Send Enquiry
E3/DC 12kW  S10 E 6.5 13.8kW Send Enquiry
Growatt 3kW  MOD 3000TL3-XH 3.3kW Send Enquiry
Growatt 5kW  MOD 5000TL3-XH 5.5kW Send Enquiry
Storage type inverterSend Enquiry
SMA 6.0kW  Storage 7.68kW/ 60Sec. Send Enquiry
SMA 5.0kW  Storage6.25kW/ 60Sec. Send Enquiry
Tesla  7.6kW  Plus   22kW/ 10Sec. Send Enquiry
Tesla 5kW  Storage 7.2kW/ 10Sec. Send Enquiry
Sonnen 3kW Gen3 6kW/ 5Sec. Send Enquiry
Sonnen 4.8kW Core 7.2kW/ 5Sec. Send Enquiry

A real example : 

Mark replaced his 5kW hybrid solar inverter and he is happy with his decision. His house has loads consisting of Air conditioning, water pump, washing machine, hair dryer and heaters. These loads were causing a peak household load when switched ON. The peak loads lasted for 3 seconds to 10 mins, but the inverter power was not sufficient to handle  peak power.  With the old hybrid inverter, Marks air conditioning, before stabilizing at 2kW, was running at 2,8kW for 3seconds. Unfortunately, the old inverter which he discarded was not allowing sufficient Overloading for even 3 seconds and shutting off to protect itself.     

what appliances can work in solar power

Grid type inverters by default are expected to allow 10% overloading for a long time.  

Hybrid & retrofit inverters can be overloaded based on percentage overloading and overloading time (or protection time) 

Overload Ability 
Protection Time Installer near you
1-1.05 times Long last Send Enquiry
1.05-1.1 times 10mins Send Enquiry
1.1-1.3 times 60s Send Enquiry
1.3-1.4 times 10s Send Enquiry
>1.4 times 3s Send Enquiry
Industry standard of overload ability and Protection time

Based on the industry standard of overloading and installer understanding of your household loads

A 5kW hybrid inverter PathtoGreenHomes recommends can be overloaded to 7kW for 3seconds 

A 5kW hybrid inverter PathtoGreenHomes recommends can be overloaded to 6kW for 10mins 

Note: Click on SUGGEST in PathToGreenhomes.com and apply FILTERS to get more recommended models. Use ☑ [Get Quote] to send your “Selected Models ” to your nearest installer to receive a competitive quote !!  

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