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Overwhelmed to handpick the right
Path to Green Homes has got your back. We make it easy for you to Compare, we connect you to the nearest installer too!
Opinion are detailed articles , about what should be your buying criteria for solar equipments.
Suggest applies filter like in e-commerce sites.
Use Compare to benchmark multiple products already proposed by installers.

Path to Green Homes empowers you, the home owner, to take charge

Going Solar is as big an investment for the HOME OWNER as buying a new car, but without a test drive.

The decision is not easy, requiring you to choose from less known equipment brands across solar panels, inverters and energy storage. 

Equipment may appear to work fine but they have major major differences in functionality

Path to Green Energy has literally researched thousands of residential solar models which are made available in this website. We cover > 95% of global residential market.

Compare equipment

Easily compare popular commercial equipment across solar panels, inverters and battery inverters.  

If equipment is discontinued we remove it.

Select Models and Get Quote

Send your choice of equipment to the nearest installer to receive a competitive quote. Just enter your ZIP code.

What to look in the website ?

Read our blogs in Opinion. We have covered all topics which matter for product selection. From the dirty secrets of incompatible solar panels with inverters . To inverters compatible with EV , Heat Pump and smart grid. We cover it all.  

Amazon like model listing and Filters in Suggest. Choose solar equipment by filtering whats important to you.

Compare models proposed by the installer. 

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