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600Wp CS7L-MB-AG
  • 600Wp CS7L-MB-AG
  • BiHiKu7 Bifacial (575-660)WpSERIES
  • China
  • Mono Perc
  • Efficiency 21.20%

Canadian 600Wp CS7L-MB-AG Alpha (360-450)Wp

Wattage of 600 Bi Facial Solar panel model from China with 25 year warranty with Mono Perc cell technology 130 kmph wind speed.

What country is this manufacturer from ?

Canadian is a solar panel manufacturer from China

Is Canadian better than competitors ?

The 600Wp CS7L-MB-AG model of series BiHiKu7 Bifacial (575-660)Wp has an efficiency of 21.2% with an area of 2.83m2. Higher panel efficiency and lower panel area is the preferred form factor for solar panels. The solar cell technology used in this model is Mono Perc which requires less roof space The No 1 ,2,3 reason for failure in solar panel is back sheet , solar glass coating and mechanical design. Select panels with best quality back sheet , high quality solar glass coating , and the best mechanical strangth against high speed winds

Is this solar panel model compatible with popular solar inverter models ?

Solar panels , especially the highly marketed latest ones MAY NOT be compatible with solar inverter models due to technology gap between them This solar panel model has an output current of 17.2 Amps. Imagine the current as vehicle traffic that goes to the highway , which shouldnt be narrower than the income traffic.To avoid loss of power the outgoing solar panel output current must be less (or equal) to the maximum allowed input current of common inverter models typically at 13-15 Amps.

What is the mechanical strength of this solar panel ?

The wind mechanical strength of this model is 2400 (Pa) , same as industry standards.The wind speed of this model is 130 kmph. Select panels with industry best Wind Speed here

What is the warranty of BiHiKu7 Bifacial (575-660)Wp series of solar panel ?

This 600 Wp model is warranted 523Wp at the end of 20 years.At the end of life , recycling of a solar panel due to lead , cross linked plastics in back sheet can be impossible. By some estimate this waste can stack up to the moon and back. Select one of the following models of solar panels to choose recyclable solar panels

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